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    too add deca or not to

    alright was thinking about adding some deca for the joints and such.

    1-5 Dbol 40mg ED
    1-12 Test 250 (100mg Test E, 100mg Test C, 50mg Prop) E4D
    1-12 EQ 200 E4D
    6-12 var 40mg ED
    Nolva on hand
    Clomid for PCT

    should be a pretty solid cycle but, should Deca be added?
    just wondering what some opions are.

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    i would bump up doses a bit more. i also do the dbol week 1-5 at 25-50mg ED. works well for me to put on size quick. as far as deca , you shouldn't need it since you have EQ they are almost identical. i prefer EQ though.

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    No need for Deca in that cycle...

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    if you are worried about joints switch eq for deca but you don't need both at once they are very similar in action.

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    U can but I see no reason for it! You have enough stuff helping out all ready!
    I think u need to bump your test up for better results!
    100mg of prop a wk wont do much!

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