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    Started this cycle yesterday

    Let me know what you think. This is my 4th cycle.

    I will be shooting every 3rd day.
    To jump start day 1, 500mg Deca , 500mg Test, 40mg Dbol
    Then 3 days later:
    Every 3 days, Deca 250mg for 12 weeks.
    Every 3 days, Test 250mg for 13 weeks.
    Dbol 40 mg for weeks 1 to 4.
    Winny Tabs 50mg for weeks 8 to 13.
    Start Clomid PCT Weeks 16 to 19.
    I have nolva onhand.

    I know that I should have about 100mg more test than deca, but I think I should be ok with this. Everything measures out better this way.

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    The cycle look good. Where is your A.I?

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