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    How many IU's is 1ml of HCG?

    Sorry for the ignorance but this is the first time I've ever added HCG to my cycle. I picked up some HCG from a new source, Gonakor from Sanfer labs ... looks Mexican in origin. I've got 2 questions:

    1. The vile doesn't say how many IU's it is, just that it is 10 ml. So how many IU's is in a ml?

    2. He gave me 2 free bottles, but 2 of them a tad larger, the label is dif, and they are filled 1/3 way with a white-pinkish dry mud in the bottom!! What the Hay???????????

    Any comments welcome. Thanks. O7

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    ask your source how many ius they are

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    What brand is it? 10ml sounds like a lot. Usually HCG comes in 2 amps one has powder and the other the solution. Usually makes 1ml at whatever IU the powder is. Common size is 5,000iu or 10,000iu. The iu per ml all depend on how much solution you mix it with. For example you mix 5000iu of powder with 10ml of BW and you have 500iu per ml. Post a pic of the amps.

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