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    Question about the days of injecting

    I have a question for my boy:

    He plans on taking test-400mg, deca -300mg, and winstrol for 6 weeks at 50mg/day

    His question is that since he doesn't like the idea of mixing the deca and test in the same syringe when he injects, he rather take 200mg of test on monday, deca at 150mg tuesday, thursday 200mg of test, and friday 150mg of deca again. Will that work out good? I personally think taking the test and deca both on monday than both on thursday will work out better because of the halflife, but I would rather have everyone else's opinion. thanks.

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    lol after he does the first shoot of t 400 he will then wont to mix. the test is going to burn like a mofo

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    MON/THURS injections mixing both substances is choice

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    I agree, two per week. Mix em in same syringe.

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    Does your boy understand that there is nothing wrong with mixing the gear together? And that test is gonna hurt without a cutter.

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