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    AS with no impact on Blood Pressure

    Which AS have little to no effect on Blood Pressure? I understand that Anavar and EQ are not a problem. I hear that dbol and test can boost BP. What about winny?

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    They all do if you're the type thats prone to it.

    EQ has the been worst for me, worse than dbol or drol actually.

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    D-bol was horrible on my bp. I had headaches and nosebleeds whil on. I think you are wrong about EQ, doesn't it produce an increase in EPO. Thus adding more red blood cells, thus increasing bp. I am not sure, just a deduction. I had no problems with test or Deca , just drol and d-bol. Hope this helps. Peace

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    If you think you will have BP issues with AAS then pick compounds with short half lifes. Such as prop, anavar , etc. That way if you experience problems you can discontinue use and reduce symptoms quickly.

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