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    Hair Loss... Any solutions?

    We all dread it, but how can you avoid it, stop it, slow it down or get it to grow back if you have already lost it? The web is full of these products that promise results but what can one really do about hair loss?

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    Well I have been using finastride. I am assuming that I am prone to MPB because the men on both sides of my family are bald as far back as the pictures go. Most of them started to lose it early as well(mid-20's). That is why I started finastride at 24. So far I have not noticed any hairloss and it doesn't seem to give me any sides. I have also done one test/deca cycle with no noticable hairloss. So I plan to keep using this stuff for life or until I get tired of my hair.

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    I had this problem a few cycles ago, then I started using "Revivogen". Its an anti- DHT shampoo and other hair regrowth chemicals. Just do a search on yahoo or google and you'll find it. Good stuff and it's pretty cheap too.

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    d-end, do you use all of revivogens products or just the shampoo. I'm on propecia & rogaine and don't think I have room for any more scalp treatment products but ccould use the shampoo possible.

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