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    another DNP thought

    Ok, I know you should take t3 while on AAS to avoid catabolism, but if you were off cycle and used DNP would it be ok to use say 50mcg T3 since the DNP supresses T3 levels, i guess because natural t3 is suppressed that adding the t3 wouldn't make it catabolic. any thoughts guys? thanks for your time

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    Here is a great thread. It's a long read but it's worth it. They discuss the T3 use as well. It all depends on cycle length.

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    I used 25mcg starting day four through day 10, and while pct'ing for dnp also take a thyroid activator.

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    yeah the t3 is fine. 1-2 tabs in the off-week or after 8 days for longer cycles.

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