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    gel vs. injection

    my doc is prescribing androgel 5mg for HRT he also said I could do shots every 2 weeks either of thses methods going to be of any benefit to me for adding bulk etc...if so which should I do? thanks

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    The shots are much better than the gel but you'll need more than bi-weekly shots.

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    If you are hypogonadal, then, yes, what your doc prescribed would be beneficial--as far as bringing your testosterone levels into the normal range. On androgel , you will probably see a slight change in your lean body mass (LBM) if you're workingout regularly, but the changes won't be earth shattering. If your weekly dose is around 200mg, then you will probably see far greater changes in your LBM than when using the androgel (only if you're workingout regularly and dieting well).

    If you're interested in eventually using steroids for muscle building, then you should consider getting the injections. Talk to your doctor about dividing the dose so that you receive weekly injections, in order to keep you blood levels constant. Some people who have been prescribed injections everyother week feel like they are on a roller coaster--High energy and good emotional level for the first week, declining energy and sometimes bouts of depression the second week.

    If your doctor demands that injections be taken at his office, then go to his office a few times to learn the proper injection techniques. After you feel comfortable with the injection techniques, ask the nurse or doc to observe you administer your own injection a few times. Finally, tell your doc that the frequent visits are inconvenient and that you are able to inject yourself safely and prefer to do it yourself.

    Best of luck.
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