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    Weight gain on M1T

    I am at the end of my first week of M1T and I am a little curious about my weight gain thus far. I know that the M1T debate is heated as to its effectiveness, but i thought I would give it a try before I started my third "real cycle". Back to my question, I have gained 10 pounds so far and I am wondering if u guys think it is because of the M1T or my diet. I am on a 300 carb/ 400 protien diet which is about double what I was eating before. So have I went from 230 to 240 because of my diet change or the M1T. My diet has been 100% clean so far. One last question, is there water retention with M1T?

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    diet is the key to everything my man!!
    thats a difficult question to answer
    check your stats at the end of your second week it may be easier to tell then!
    good luck

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