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    Deciding on proper dosage and tapering

    I've taken about 7 cycles, 5 of those 7 cycles , i have used the same drugs, Anadrol , Deca , and Test because i have found those drugs to build the most mass. My last Anadrol,Test, and Deca cycle i administered 800mg of Test, 75 mg of androl/day, and 400 mg of Deca. i never tapered up or down, just ran the same dosage throughout the cycle.

    Question #1: can i start with low dosages and build up to get better gains? if so what dosages with what drugs should i start with and end up with? tell me the dosage that goes with the week, ie week 1: test 400mg and deca 300mg

    QUESTION #2: If im taking anadrol 75mg/day does that mean my mg's of test doesnt have to be that high?

    please tell me which question you're answering to by saying question 1 or 2 thanks a lot

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    1. Why fix antything if its not broke?? IMO tapering is a waste. Blood levels should remain constant. It seems you've been pleased with your prevoious cycles so why change change it?? You could possibly bump your dosages slightly and adjust accordingly if side effects are a concern.

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