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    one last bit of help!!!

    hello again. really nervous about my 1st cycle, but ive got everything i need now.
    I got 10 weeks worth of sus250 if im shooting everyother day
    I got my clomid 48 tabs at 50mg.
    I got my nolva 30 tabs at 20mg.

    I just want you the experts to guide me on how to take my pct.
    i've read that i should start taking the clomid 28 days after last injection, is this right? do i not touch the clomid through my cycle?

    1 last thing what about the nolva? what are the doses for both?

    thanks again

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    you need more nolvadex . It's not just for pct, you have to run it at around 10 mg/day during your cycle to prevent gyno.

    I suggest just buying liquid tamox from our board sponsor,

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    An anti-e need to be ran throughout your cycle to prevent gynecomastia i.e. nolva, liquidex, letrozole , etc. Clomid is taken post cycle to regain testicular reproduction.

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