sup dudes, i was wondering if ordering GH through the mail is a smart idea,
considering it is a constiteued solution and will be BAD by the time it get to my house?? my source can't even promise getting it for me,
{working on it!} and if they can do you think 10 or so days through the
mail its going to be bad by the tim it gets to my house? and also what kind should i get i've NEVER used GH before my buddy tells me to get saizen
the 191 amino acid but other peaple say that protropin is pretty much the same...192 A.A. I really want the 191 of eli lilly... ohh yeahhh!! but anyway what do you all think of ordering GH in the mail do you think it will last till it gets to my house.the reason for questioning is that evreybody says that GH is very fragile and requires MANDATORY refrigeration!! i would really appreciate some feedback to let my source kno if they should even bother getting it for me... thank you LATER...