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    question on test enan

    Im on my first cycle with 500mg/week of test enan and about 4 weeks into it. My question is that when i walk to work, about 1 mile, i noticed my calf gets really tight and it almost burns as if im in the gym working out. Is this my imagination or does it have something to do with the test im taking ?

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    Could be lack of water or a minearal deficiency. Take some magnessium and drink plenty of water

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    I just got off a six weeks cycle.It hapen to me every time I did cardio(joging , or walking)...

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    might just be that you walk a little on your toes and work your calves out and the test is making you get a pump becasue of the mile walk... that would explain the tightness... thats happens to me some times if i walk for a long time... might not be the same in yoru case but i woudlnt worry about it redardless....

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