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    CYCLE HELP .... question on dosages?

    In a few months i plan on doing the following cycle.

    my stats are :23 years old, 5 feet 11 inches, and 245lbs. bf, no idea, don't care as i do powerlifting anyways. i've done one cycle so far, it was last summer, and it was 750mg test enanthate for 12 weeks with 40mg of dbol for first 4 weeks. i gained about 15lbs and a great deal of strength.

    now i wanna do this, in a few months

    1gram of test enanthate for 12 weeks
    400mg of tren enanthate for 12 weeks
    400mg of eq for 11 weeks. (eq only in the cycle for collagen control)
    front load weeks 1-4 with 40mg of dianabol
    i will also be taking 40mg of dbol from the day of my last test shot, till pct starts.

    pct will be hcg and clomid.

    what do you guys think about the dosages, should i keep them the way they are or drop them. i am after just straight strength gains which i can keep.


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    Well, if you are running a gram of test a week then I would considered maybe upping the EQ to 600mg/wk. I ran it at 500mg/wk and I felt that I could have ran it at 600mg/wk and my results would have been better. Also, you might considered running the EQ longer than 11 weeks since it takes a while to really kick in good. But if you stick with 11 weeks you should be alright. You won't need the HCG for PCT, but you should add some nolva with the clomid for PCT. Good luck bro.

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