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    Is Anadrol to strong For a First Cycle

    No, im not planning on doing a cycle for another year are two. Just in case you were wondering but I'd like to learn as much as I can right now.

    Alot of people jump start test e cycles with D-BOL i was wondering if Anadrol would be to strong to jump start a first cycle

    anadrol 50mg 1-2
    anadrol 100mg 2-4
    test e 500mg 1-12

    I know regardless D-Bol is the safer choice. But would the gain to side ratio be hard on a first time user.

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    How big are you what are some stats???

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    If this is your first cycle...your gonna get serious size regardless. I would suggest test only imo. If not, go with d-bol.

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    anadrol is pretty hard on you, if this would be your first cycle i wouldn't do it. You could always jumpstart with prop. also.

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    d/bol jus didn t work for me--my bud did OK but i got nada,
    i switched to A-Bombs 50 mg a day--1/2 AM 1/2 PM and my system
    was fine with it--but everybodys different


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    anadrol is way to hard for your first cycle. Start with a good test and d bol if your looking size strength

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    If Dbols did not do anythng then you either took a really low amount or they were fakes. DBols really give a punch. Anadrol is really tough on a lot of people so it really is smart to do a standard cycle first and then put some anadrol into a future cycle once you see how your body reacts to gear.

    However even with my experience I would not use as high levels of anadrol as you mentioned but I would go up to higher test levels. 500mg test E is perfect for getting going and you will see fantastic gains with it but make sure that you incorporate EQ or Deca especially in the first cycles because you will get so strong so fast your joints and tendons wont be able to keep up with the added stress

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