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Thread: clen

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    Guys, I have heard a lot about clen , but I have never used it or know anyone else who has. I have heard that it is great with clomid for PCT, and I have also heard that it is a great fat burner.

    When is the best time to use clen, and how do you use it (as I knwo that you dont inject it)

    Do you cycle it?

    Do you take it ed eod or every week?

    How many mgs per day or week?

    I know that this is a lot of questions, but I am really lost here.


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    I have never used it, and don't plan to, but, if you do decide to, I would suggest this method, it is highly advocated by hooker (A mod here)...

    - 2 weeks of clen
    - 1 week of clen + Benadryl
    - Repeat 2x(for a total of 6 weeks)
    - Then take a week totally off, or just continue on repeating the pattern.

    Read here for more info about clen, doses, and benadryl usage: CLICK ME

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