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    Mixed compounds from UG labs Y?

    Just wondering why i see some UG labs selling products that have combined esters.. like one that im going to try is 400mgs/ml of test E/Cyp 200mgs of each.. what would be the pros/cons of this, i understand Cyp has a shorter half life and both are very similar, but what about mixtures of esters like this one..
    (Testosterone Enanthate 100mg, Testosterone Cypionate 100mg, Testosterone Propionate 50mg)
    unless you were into taking very large amounts, why would you use that combo seeing as tho prop is best run ED..

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    Cyp has a longer ester then Ent 1st of all and 2nd the reason is they
    can make a higher concentration dose with less solvents making the
    pain factor less with the higher dosed testosterones...

    And the 2nd part of your question about adding the Prop to a mix
    would have you needing to inject it ED or EOD at the least, so it
    kind of goes against the idea of making a mix with 2 longer esters
    in that you need to now inject it manytimes each week, vs only
    1x or 2x per week only...

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    The 400mg test - 200mg ena + 200mg cyp combo makes the most sense. They are basically the same thing, half-life's are almost identical. This is a good choice because the release time for the two things in it is the same and you wouldn't have to inject as much of it.

    The other that has 100mg test ena + 100mg cyp + 50mg Prop doesn't make any sense. The half-life breakdown of this product is WAAAY off.

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    I think they are making it to be able to sell something different. Just like sustanon , there is no real reason to make it...but it sells like mad! It's just another blend for people to try. Differentiation of product lines.

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