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Thread: info.....please

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    i'm reading the different threads for a couple of weeks now, not very long i now, but it seems that a test only cycle is the best choice for a beginner.
    how would this look like 500mg test a week and then

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    What are your stats?

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    Stats please.

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    right behind you
    stats first, but a good test cycle is something like this:

    wk 1-12 Monday morning inject 1ml (250mg) test into quad. Thursday night inject 1ml into other quad.. basically 1 shot every 3.5 days, this way you are keeping blood levels stable.

    Wk 9-14 take 1 winstol pill (25mg) every 12 hours, so one when u wake up and one at night. Its 50mg a day for 6 weeks.

    While taking winny you will wanna take 1 milk thistle pill every morning.... 2 pills on the days you drink. Milk thistle blocks the harmful toxins from winny and alcohol entering your liver.

    14 days after last test shot and 1 day after last winny you start PCT, post cycle therapy .
    Day 1: 300mg clomid (thats six 50mg pills) 20mg nolva (2 pills) and 4 grams of tribulus (4 pills)
    Day 2-11: 100mg clomid, 20m nolva, 4 g trib
    Day 12-21 50mg clomid, 20mg nolva, 4 g trib
    then you should be completley recovered and have your natural test levels going again.

    you can leave off the winny if you want, but its good for muscle hardness, cutting, and vascularity.

    this all depends on your stats though, this is just what i'm doin

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    i'm new, so i hope this is wat you guys are asking.
    160 lbs.
    1,86 m
    bodyfat low, so not measured yet
    high metabolism, i eat 3000 calories/ 380 carbs/ 250 protein/ 75 fat
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