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    Finasteride Question

    Im about to cycle and both sides of my family are prone to hair loss... Going on Prop and EQ with Letro for cycle and Nolva and Clomid for Finasteride good here.. will it hinder anything? How much is a good dose??

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    Many of us on this board use finasteride on and off cycle. The liquid version is cheap enough to stay on year round. Yes it will help you to keep your hair. I would strongly advise taking it if you plan on taking roids and your family has a history of MPB.

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    it also works well to prevent prostate enlargement which is a common side of AS

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bullram
    it also works well to prevent prostate enlargement which is a common side of AS

    That's correct. I take it year round myself.

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    i see its suggested to take 1-2mg/day. my stuff is 5mg/ml, is there any advantage to taking 2.5 or even 5mg/day? or is it better to just take 1-2mg/day?

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    No - 1mg or 5mg still is just around 70% dht suppression. Doeses as low as .7mg have shown to be effective. Stick to 1mg.

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