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    Question IP Mibolerone (cheque drops) ?

    I want to purchase some Mibolerone and IP seems to be the only source that carries it (at least that I can find.) I was wondering if anyone has experience with this exact product. I ask because of IP's reputation has been both good and bad. Cheque drops tend to be faked due to the rarity and I would like to know the quality of there's before I order.
    BTW please no comments on toxicity or anything like that I have researched the hell-out of Mibolerone and plan to use it only for fights. (Muay Thai etc.)

    Thanks for your time bros.

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    being that it is rare and not in such high demand becuz of it being so toxic and as well as having other drugs available that are not so toxic i dont think they would be faked ip is good with orals

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