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Thread: Balco Cream

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    Balco Cream

    Has anyone known anyone who has taken this? i want to get my hands on some of this stuff for sure. Anyone know of anyone who is on it or has taken it? thanks peace

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    in the garage
    barry bonds

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    Quote Originally Posted by peump
    barry bonds

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    curtdogg is offline New Member
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    haha i know dog, but is there any of this stuff out there on the market? Or not even balco cream, a roid cream in general?

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    Why in the hell would you want this? Like the other 30+ forms of AAS dont work well enough? You could always go with a test base cream if you are a needle pussy.

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    thats all the cream was!!

    Test base in a transdermal carrier to keep test levels up while they injected THG so when they got tested they didnt have suppressed test levels!!!

    If you have access to Test base then I suggest Going with T-GEL it can hold up to 20
    Grams of powder.

    30% of what you smear on will be absorbed so adjust dosing accordingly. So try to get 175mg of Test base ed to be on par with around 50mgs test ED.

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    The cream has a very short halflife, so it would clear their body quick
    if they had to get tested and also it easier to control your test levels
    and keep them low enuf to avoid testing postive if a test was coming,
    but only elite athletes were dealing with Balco and I doubt you find
    anyone on here that used it and if they did they'd be stupid to admit
    to it... BTW you're not going to get a hookup for Balco bro, you
    been watching the media??? Come on you have a better chance
    of walking on water...
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