I have just finished a toning cycle of 8 weeks after doing 8 weeks previously on dianabol staring on 25mg a day upto 50mg a day for the middle 4 weeks, put on 1.5 stone and have kept on a stone over the last 8 weeks whilst maintaining most of my strength.
I am now ready to start a second cycle and want to do:
500mg Sustanon 250 p/w for 10 weeks
400Mg Deca p/w for 10 weeks
40 mg dianabol a day for 8 weeks

Can anyone see any issues with this cycle, and recommendations for post cycle would be great, last time i used novaldex, and combined this with Tribex500.

I am also considering using winstrol and primobolan possibly straight after the bulking cycle to get that ripped look.

I am currently 6'4" 18St 5lb, 15% body fat, 17.5" arms, 54" chest, would ideally like to get arms up around 20" or more over the next year or so, again any advice would be much appreciated!