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    oral with inject

    how come taking orals by itself is not fine while taking it along with an injectable is TOTALLY fine? does taking orals with injectables put less stress on the liver or something?

    Any opinions, aprreciated!

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    the stress on the liver will be the same, however taking only orals produces alot of unwanted side effects and it is very difficult/impossible to keep your gains after comming off of them. I have heard alot of people advocating var only cycles but im not really into any cycle that dosent contain test. I would say that the bros on this board and others recommend against it is the same reason people recomend against a deca only cycle. It is not "totally fine" it is still very hard on your liver, it is just more acceptable and a more efficient way of doing a cycle. Dbol only will blow you up for 4 weeks then when you come off of it it will all dissappear in the next 2 weeks.
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