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    weird orgasms post cycle/post pct

    guys i dont know if this is the appropriate forum for this question but i have been having weird orgasms since my last cycle. been about 2 months since my month long pct. Did eveything by the book but now i have uncomfortable oragasms. sometimes a bit painful but nothing unbearable. i defintely dont cum the way i used to before i went on my cycle. feed back? thanks

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    You may have a UTI or some problem with your urethra possible std then again could be a stricture(stricture=narrowing of the urethra(pee tube)) Or you could have a hernia wich i have heard ppl say makes their testicles hurt during ejaculation.
    hope this helps

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    I've felt some difference in my EJACK after ending my cycles. But it always seams to go away! The strange pain lasts maybe 4 wks for me but I understand what u mean its a little uncomfortable, but not bad!
    I would give it maybe 2 3 moew wks and then if its not back to norm, DOC!!!

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    or you could have just done a long cycle in which your testosterone and sperm count are severly supressed. The same holds true for even shorter cycles but where the amounts of test are quite high.

    On my longer cycles of 24 to 28 weeks I have the same issue and it takes a bit of time to get back to normal. Proviron helps a lot to get the sperm count back up but usually I have had that problem for the first month after going off and then things not only go back to normal but they turn for the better.

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