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    Im new to the game

    Ok everyone i need your help. Im just starting out and i have very little knowledge about steroids and growth horomones. Im 5'7 165lbs. Ill explain what i want and i need your help on how to get it. I want to be about 190 muscular and ripped and grow maybe an inch or two. What are your reccommendations on what i should use

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    First of all, welcome to AR. Please take the time to read the rules, we do not allow asking for illegal steroid sources. If you would like to purchase steroids legally, click the link below your post and give them a call but refrain from asking for a steroid source here. Any emails or private messages you get from people regarding this will more than likely be a scam trying to take you for your money.

    Before we can reccomend anything we need to know a little bit more about you. How old are you? How many years training? What are you eating on a daily basis to try and gain weight naturally? Without these answers, we really have no way to determain what you should be doing. Please be honest with your answers.

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