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    inject once a week?

    I have heard from others on this forum that gear such as Sustanon needs to be injected at least twice a week because it has a 3-4 day half-life. On my first cycle, I injected once a week (every Sunday) and I made great gains. (I was also stacking with Deca -Durabolin and Dianabol (tabs)).

    Is it reliable to make gains from injecting once a week?
    How about Deca?

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    sust really needs to be shot eod or so due to the short acting prop ester thats in it. Long lasting esters like deca can be shot once a week, however, most people shoot it twice a week to help keep blood levels more stable. Just think what type of gains you wouldve got if you injected sust more often!!!

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    Sust has four esters with different half lifes. The shortest ester is Prop, thats why Sust should be shot EOD, so you can get the advantage of the prop. If you do it once a week the longer lasting esters are still there, and hence the reason for your growth. But to get the total value for money out of the sust then it should be shot EOD, other wise you are probably better off by using Test C or Test E which can be shot once a week because the esters are longer.

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    if you are going to use sus. shoot it eod.

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    sust should be ran E3D

    Deca , cyp, enanthat, should really be shot E4D-E5D

    if you wanted a once a week cycle...Deca and Testosterone Decanoate would be your best bet

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