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Thread: dosing Reforvit

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    dosing Reforvit

    I got a couple of Reforvit 50 ml bottles. How the hell do you guys measure out your dose? Its pretty hard to split up 1 ml so you get 5mg. Do you just measure it w/ a slin needle? What size then? I would like 5 mg every 4 hours. In retrospect I should have just gotten tabs. Thanx in advance.

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    with reforvit it is impossible to measure it out in 5mg doses. i always use it 1 cc per dose.

    it has a bad rep for being unsterile, but i get nothing from taking it orally. i have always injected it with good results.

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    if your goin to take it orally squirt 1 cc or 50 mg into a water bottle and drink it through out the day.i always just take it all at once

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    I was thinking that I should have gotten the pills too at first but now after 2 weeks of ref-b I love the stuff. I take 1cc morn and 1cc pre-workout. My strength gains are huge compared to the pills. I drink it except for Mon and Thurs. On those days I shoot it with my test and eq. I just shoot it into my mouth. The sick thing is Im starting to crave the taste in my mouth. I know Im gross but I kinda like it.

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    Tried Ref-B........
    PErsonally, felt it most with 3ccs (75mg). Shit, ive been on 50mg dbol tabs for like 6 weeks and strenght hasnt gone up that much. Fuckin shit, it dont work well for me, ive grown, but little strenght increase. Take 2-3cc in the mouth/day.
    Dont inject, its dirty

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