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    Talking What u think of my spring lean mass cycle?

    Heres my cycle which will start in April, goal is to gain some lean mass
    10-15lb without no fat gain..yup that will depend strictly on the diet/cardio
    this will be my 4th cycle stats 190lb lean 5'9 here it is
    weeks 1-8 ethanate 500mg/week
    weeks 1-8 fina 100mg eod
    Let me know if this is a good idea....any suggestions?????
    Thanks Luke

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    make sure take more test longer than tren 2 weeks atleast and always take more test dosage than tren . i like your test dosage but i would go atleast 12-14 wks for test rememer test takes 4-5 weeks to kickin maybe 3 so if i were u i would use test prop for lean mass cycle less bloat, and water rentention. if you want a real good cycle throw in eq , winny or anavar at the end to really harden up the gains from test . I have done this cycle same one but only diff is i had winny and it really made me harden up . you will easily gains 15 pds to tell you truth you will put on 15 pds just from test e alone if it is legit.

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    i would replace the test e with prop. you have to do eod injections any way.

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    i agree. id replace the enth with prop and shoot the prop and fina everyday instead of everyother. you could also throw som winny or var in at the begening or end to help you harden up.

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    if you're looking for a lean mass cycle go for prop instead of enthanate.

    If you do decide to stick with test e make sure your diet is really really strict to keep additional fat off.

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