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    Tren/test plus 300mg of Eq/week???

    I was thinking of adding 300mg/week of eq to my cycle i have a 10ml bottle of eq at 300mg/ml would it be a good idea to add it in???? or is it not enough
    my 4th cycle 5'9 190lb
    weeks 1-8 fina 100mg eod
    weeks 1-10 ethanate 500mg/week
    weeks 1-10 eq 300mg/week--maybee
    what u think is it too little to see results???

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    Feb 2005
    i'm about to do the same cycle cept with deca in the place of eq...looking to seee very good gains

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    Feb 2005
    also i'm going to kick start it with 2 weeks of d-bol and take b12 injections the whole way through to make me have more energy and hungry

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    i like your cycle good one and the doses are good only the eq i would up the dose to 400mg a week and instead of ten weeks go 12 or up to 15. eq takes long to kick in sometimes 4-5 weeks dude honestly. THe results come slowly with eq the longer you take it the better the results. I like eq over deca any day you get lean gains minius the water plus you get real veiny because of increase in red blood cells production. good cycle though expect an easy 15-20 pds of solid lean muscle.

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    run the EQ at least 400mg and run it for 12 weeks, then run your test e for 13 wks, and your good to go.

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