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    yo mamma's house

    how do u guys split up your dosages??

    I'm finally starting my first cycle on monday...i was supposed to start 2 wks ago but i changed my cycle and got rid of the deca and substituted in dbols.

    i want to know how you guys split up the dosages for dbols and nolva throughout the day. This is what my cycle looks is the tranditional one most of you seem to approve and suggest for a first cycle.

    wk 1-4 35 mg dbol ed
    wk 1-12 500 mg test enan ew
    wk 1-12 nolva 10 mg ed (unless signs of gyno)

    wk 12-15 nolva 20 mg ed

    2 wks after last test injection...

    day 1 300 mg clomid
    day 2-11 100 mg clomid
    day 12-21 50 mg clomid

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    the d-bols you just space trough out the day evenly. The nolva i would take before bed time. I do everything at night before bed.

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