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Thread: 2nd cycle

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    2nd cycle

    hi guys

    its good or not good?

    1-10 sus 500mg
    1-4 dbol 30mg
    1-10 deca 200mg or 1-4 deca 400mg
    1-10 eq 200mg or 5-10 eq 400mg

    13-15 PTC

    help plz

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    if you run eq run it at least 400mg for at least 12 weeks. and if you do this run the sus for 13 weeks. also sus needs to shot eod to keep blood levels more stable.

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    id up the cycle to at least 12 weeks and chose either deca or eq and run it at 400mgs a week for the entire cycle. 200mgs is just to low to see results. you could do 400mgs of deca a week and throw in 100 or 200mgs a week of eq to help your apetite. also i like to run d-bol for 6 weeks. thats just my preferance but everyone is different. i just see alot better results those last 2 weeks. also like BM said, you need to shoot the sust eod to keep your blood levels even because of the prop in sust.

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