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    Question Please critique these cycles...

    I've come up with these two cycles for me and a friend out of the gear I've got on hand... Hows this?

    cycle #1: (first timer 25years/6foot1/190lbs)
    week 1:2 D-bol ed
    -2oomg Deca e3d
    week 2:3 D-bol ed
    -200mg Deca e3d(continued from a total of 3000 mg/15
    shots total.)
    -start Sust on 13 day of cycle(and continued e3d totall of 16 amp.
    last shot works out to be 15 days
    after last shot of Deca.)
    week 3:4 D-bol ed
    -Sust and Deca continued as prev.
    week 4:5 D-bol ed
    -Sust and Deca continued as prev.
    week 5:4 D-bol ed
    -Sust and Deca continued as prev.
    week 6:3 D-bol ed (last week of D-bol)
    -Sust and Deca continued as prev
    week 7: Sust and Deca continued as prev(last shot of Deca on first day of
    this week.)
    week 8:Sust continued as prev till done.

    Cycle #2(for a fist timer 25years/6foot1/200lbs who doesn't want alot of
    test but relizes some must be added for the Deca.)
    weeks 1-5:5 D-bol ed
    weeks 1-8:-Deca e3d start from first day(last shot on 43rd day for a tatol
    of 3000mg/15 shots last shot
    15 days before last shot of Sust.)
    -Sust added on 18th day and run e5d(for a total of 9 amp.)

    As for pct,would clomid or nolva be required for either cycle or would tribulus and milk thistle suffice.If not then when should the clomid/nolva be added?
    I know its a long and involved question but any replies would be much appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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    If both r first time user a cycle of test only will be very effective for both of them. At their size 500 mg of test a weeks is suitable. My first cycle was 100mg of Test prop. EOD and it worked wonders. Put on a solid 20 lbs and kept 15 of it after PCT. Not bad for a first cycle of 10 weeks. I suggest and most would agree a 10 week cycle of Test at 500 mg a week and if u don't want the frequent shots of test prop (and the pain form prop. shots b/c it's the worst IMO) use a longer half life test ans shoot 250 mg 2 a week

    Just my .02 and i think most would agree that deca dbol and test is a little much for a first time user. That is my 2nd cyle and i feel like it may be a little much for me.

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    why are you not starting your sust the same time as everything else? You should start them all at the same time. If you dont have enough get more. You should really run it for at least ten weeks too. Clomid and nolva are absolutley necessary for PCT. You should probably run 10 mg of nolva per day since your taking dbol too. Why doesnt the other guy want much test? In the future please write you cycles like this its much easier to read

    1-4 dbol 30mg/day
    1-10 400 mg/wk deca
    1-11 500 mg/wk test

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