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    First Cycle Question

    Hey everyone, I was considering starting my first steroid cycle and am totally open for suggestions. Just a quick overview of myself Iím twenty six and have been ďtrulyĒ lifting for the past 5 years. Truly meaning following a strict diet and lifting properly, daily. Iím 6í1 ... 215 pounds with 8% body fat; Iíve always been a leaner guy. I have no idea if this helps but my bench is about 315 and I havenít tested my max squat for awhile. Obviously there are risks with steroids , but to start with one with low side effect history (good idea?).

    - Is a Andriol / Anavar stack a waste of money?

    In addition I donít plan on buying steroids tomorrow, just doing and will continue doing research.

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    welcome bro......i suggest a testosterone only cycle for 10 or 12 weeks...... run it at 400 to 500mg/week....use a long estered test such as cypionate or enanthate so you can inject once or twice a week (twice being prefered). Remember to search about nolvadex , and PCT. This cycle will yeild incredible results, granted your diet and training are in check. It also wont hurt your wallet like an andriol /anavar cycle would

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    yes andriol is like throwing your money away, not worth it. Do some searching, for a first cycle a single ester test like enanthate or cyp. would be best, taken alone or stacked with one other compound. I wouldn't recommend taken more than 2 compounds on a first cycle, and test alone would be fine.

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    Test E 250 mg. Sun/ 250 mg Thurs Weeks 1-10
    Nolva 10 mg throughout, bump to 20 if estrogen related sides crop up
    PCT ( 1st shot 2 1/2 to 3 weeks after last shot test e)- Nolva 40 mg Day 1-7, 20 mg Day 8-30

    I have seen this protocol work wonders on a 1st cycle. Whatever you do make sure that the word Test is somewhere in the list of ingredients. Good luck with your research.

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    yup listen to these guys bro i couldn't say more myself exept i'd raise the nolva to 60mg-80mg if i got sides

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    Im going to agree with the test only cycle...10wks, 500mgs./wk... nolva as suggested above, also, make sure to incorporate clomid into PCT. Will be a big help in getting endogenous test. levels out of the dumps.

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