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    ? to members on posting

    Hey bros, im new here and don't get to come on much but have a great time when i do. The thing is im not sure how the whole posting thing works, it seems that you cannot mention sources on forums, and thats cool, but please explain to me the problem with mentioning scammers. I have been scammed recently and would like to print it everywhere on here but i like this place and don't want to lose my priveleges. I have PMed mods and have never had a response, so how am i suppose to prevent this from happenoing to all you guys if i can't get the name out. I for one was very pissed when i sent funds but never got anything in return, we all work hard for our money and the gear we use unites this brotherhood, it gives us something im common, i once had a great source but he disappeared, i have another but they are overseas and don't have available the gear im use to taking. But im patient and know another great source will come along, so if anyone would like to know the scum who is scamming, pm me.
    Thanks for letting me vent bros.

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    Shoot me a PM with the name if you'd like bro....

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    sometimes the mods are just overloaded with pms. in fact, probably all the time they are. How long has it been exactly?

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