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Thread: 2nd cycle

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    2nd cycle

    just finished my first cycle which was prop weeks 1-4 1mg eod, cyp weeks 1-8 500 mg/ wk then for weeks 8-13 250 mg/wk, and EQ weeks 1-8 400 mg/wk and weeks 8-12 200 mg/wk. I pct with Trib, clomid, and nolva. I finished pct 4 weeks ago and for my next cycle I am gonna run prop and cyp again, but this time with deca (no tapering off this time). How long should I wait to hop back on, and also my bp was was up when on, is there anything I can do to fight this besides hawthorn berry?????

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    wait at least 13 weeks

    i would get bloodwork done after about 13 weeks to make sure everything is back to normal

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