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    Superclen, Supertired!

    I just took my first pill of superclen yesterday around 9 pm and at 9:45 I fell asleep. I felt really jittery for about 30 min and my heart was beating fast, but I didnt think I would pass out and fall asleep. I understand that the superclen makes you tired because of the ketofin in it but dam, I didnt wake up till 12 the next day. Does the clenbuteral keep working when you sleep?

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    i dont know, but i kept feeling like that, so i quit after a couple days

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    did it make you eat more? it made me eat like a horse... didn;t notice any big wieghtloss either because ** himself said it was mainly for bulking.

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    Most people use it for a bridge from what I understand

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    yes, the clen keeps working, but you're not in deep sleep even though you slept forever and the combination could be dangerous. keto should be taken at night while clen in the morning. these should not be combined.

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    Ya... i had to switch from superclen didn't find it very strong and for 100mg of eff. couldn't get me into my workout and i took super clen at 8am, could barly drive car, sleep for good 3h, not great stuff for cutting.

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