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    Talk about progress...

    So yeah, 4 weeks ago I began my test e / m4ohn cycle that looks like this
    wks 1-12 500mgs test e
    wks 1-6 24mgs m4ohn

    2 words. Holy ****. So far my deadlifts have increased from 325x6 to 405x8. My bench is up from 225x4 to 225 x 10, my squat went from 315x5 to 345 x 8. And its just the middle of the 4th week. I am in love.
    Thanks for getting me started and getting everything in check. I'll keep you guys updated

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    One up on you
    Awesome bro

    A lot of it is probably placebo effect, I'm sure your gains will continue throughout the rest of your cycle. Keep us updated

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    Good job bro. Just remember, the juice only accounts for about 1/5th of your gains. You still have to train hard and eat right to get where you want. Keep up the hard work and it will pay off.

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    Nice work bro. Keep busting your ass.

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    Good for you man, that's good to hear keep it up

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