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Thread: first cycle

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    first cycle

    i am looking into doing a cycle of as. i have friends that have done it before and they are easing the idea onto me. i was open to any advice that anyone would give. i have been told to go an a 12 week cycle of sust250 but i just wanted to see how that sounded to everyone. i am 6'3 211 lbs. 15%bf i am somewhat ignorant on this subject and would like all the help that i cn get. thanks for any advice that i get back

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    I just to a 12 week cycle of test e at 500mg/wk followed by proper PCT. To be the most effective sust really should be shot eod. With test e you can get by just by shooting twice a week. Do a search on first cycles, test only cycles, etc. You'll find lots of good information

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    good advice, stick around here and research before you jump into a cycle. You are already getting bad advice when someone is telling you to do sus for a first cycle. Go with a single ester test like enanthate or cyp. for first cycle. Anyway do some research and you will find the answers. If you don't find everything to want to, then post a question.

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