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    Whats up guys. I just have one quick question. Im curently on a cycle right now wich is,

    600 mg of test cyp/week
    30 mg of d-bol/ed
    300 mg of deca /week

    and i just picked up 100 Andriol /40 mg ive never took these before and i got them at a good price (free) i wanted to ad it to my stack and was just wondering the best way to take them. Im currently on my 5th week. i was thinking to finish off my cycle with 4 tabs every day, wich would be 160 mg/ed any sugestions.


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    I would just save them for later... never heard of andriol ... but I'm assuming it's an oral therefore methylated 17aa which would not be good to stack with dbol because dbol is methylated...

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    I second the saving them for later,I used andriol once complete junk was my immpression...I think that most of the time the pills don't even survive digestion..
    Save them or throw them out,I gave mine away..

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    andriol = garbage

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