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    I know wrong forum but i need reply's and info

    heres the site

    but anways was wondering your thoughts on this program which includes their workout and there diet. For me i picked the increase muscle and decrease body fat program heres the diet they said to follow to achiev this. Your thoughts please. Also my weight was entered into there calulator to come up with these numberes. My weight is 215. So do u think this diet would increase muscle and decrease body fat as they suggest.

    Workout Days


    45% Carbohydrates: 439g

    35% Protein: 385g

    20% Fats: 95g

    Non-Workout Days


    45% Carbohydrates: 383g

    35% Protein: 341g

    20% Fats: 84g

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    Do I order Liquid Clen/T3 or find real pills in area.

    Just wondering which woul dbe best. I'm determined but need info..Thanks for help...

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