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Thread: I Need Help!

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    I Need Help!

    My next cycle:

    Week........Test prop.......EQ........Fina

    I have a few questions. What do you think about this cycle? I also have 300 Clen pills and a box of Clomid 30 pills. How do I run the Clen and Clomid I have read hundreads of post and I'm pretty much confused.

    I just finshed playing college football I'm 6'3 285 BF 23-25% My goal is get my BF down (way down)

    Do I take the Clen during the PCT or do I want to run it with the cycle since I'm looking to lean up I imagine I run it during the cycle but then again I dunno. I know clomid is taken during PCT but how will you cycle 30 pills and how many days after cycle will you start and for how long

    Any Information Would Be Great Thanks

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    re arrange it... EQ needs to be run 12 weeks minimum and how many cycles have you done? If this is your first then lower the doses to:

    wk 1-15 Prop 75mg ED
    wk 1-12 EQ 400mg
    wk 5-12 Tren 75mg ED

    PCT begins 3 days after last prop shot

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    does anyone have any ideas about the Clen

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    I save the clen for after a cycle when i really hit the cardio and switch diets.... some say it will help preserve some mass after your cycle

    Quote Originally Posted by 964666
    does anyone have any ideas about the Clen

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