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    Does this drug cause injuries?

    Dbol . Seems like when I'm on it...I get tendonitis.

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    You need to stretch more and drink plenty of water to reduce it....if the pain is real bad take a day or two to rest it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carth
    Dbol. Seems like when I'm on it...I get tendonitis.
    Muscle strength increases faster then connective tissue, tendons and bone joints can handle. Most often this comes from not enough advanced training naturally before starting roids or not enough training at a slower pace before challenging ever heavier weights.

    Injectables give you a better slower paced increase of strength and deca can help with the tendonitus. You can also slack off how fast you challenge heavier weights, even back down some until the tendonitus subsides, then watch how fast you challenge heavier weights.

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