ok, i know that i have progesterone related gyno, from previous cycles where i have used deca , now it has been months since i have did a cycle, but my nipples are still puffy and when i squeeze them a white liquid comes out, from doing research on this site and talking to others i now it is progesterone related gyno, so i started to to take some nolva, but it seemed to make it worse, so with the help of others on this board , i was advised to take b6 and stop the nolva. well it has been over two weeks of taking b6 at 200 mgs a day , and i see a little improvement, not as much white liquid coming out and nipples, but still a little puffy, so here are my questions at this time: 1) since i still have some white discarge should i up the dosage of b6 per day?

2) how long should i take the b6 for?

3) i am going to start a new cycle in a month, but this time it will use sus and eq instead of using deca,and i will be taking 10 mgs of liquid nolva and .25mgs of liquidex a day, so do i need to keep taking the b6 during this cycle if no deca is being used?
thanks for all the help