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    First Cycle: Sus250+Winny?

    I am interested in starting my first cycle. I purchased Winny off a friend's contact in the gym. After reading lots of posts here, and if I understood it correctly, it seems I shouldn't do a Winny only cycle. Is this correct? Any input on stacking Winny with Sus250? Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    A winny only cycle?????....don't waste your time bro. For a first cycle I would go with a single estered test i.e. cyp or enth as injections are needed only twice/wk and results will be just as well. Sust, for optimal results, should be injected as frequent as EOD because of the short acting prop ester. IMO you should hold off on the winny and save it for a future cycle.....injections are needed ED. A simple enth/EQ stack would be great for a newbie.

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