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Thread: cycle question

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    cycle question

    ok going to start a new cycle of sus 500 mgs per week and eq 400 mgs per week for at least 12-16weeks along with 10 mgs of liquid nolvadex and .25 mgs of liquidex a day. i have suffered from progesterone related gyno from past cycles with deca in it, so should i run the dostinex with this cycle or not?and should i run liquid nolva and liquidex at the same time or do i need just one of them? thanks for help

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    i wouldn't run dostinex since there are no progesterone producing drugs in that cycle. i personally wouldn't run the nolva or liquidex, but if you need to i would run the nolva.

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    No need for dostinex in this cycle. Liquidex/nolva throughout the cycle is a matter of personal preference. Personally I would run the liquidex to keep gyno at bay and bloating minimal. Have your nolva on hand. If symptoms of gyno arise.....start your nolva at 60-80mg/ed until symtoms subside and then run a maintinence dose at 10-20mg/ed throughout the rest of your cycle including PCT. Either way include your nolva with your PCT clomid.

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