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    Arrow Making purchases from the sponser...?

    Sorry, may be wrong forum...
    I wanted to make a couple purchases from the sponser of this board. I was wondering if anybody else had done it? And if the packages came discretly marked? One more it illegal to poses pins in NY state if you dont have a persciption for something that requires them? That is, if i got pulled over with a box of brand new pins, and i said they were for my dads shots would i be screwed or... ? Thanks guys...

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    I don't know about law in NY, but here in CA its illegal w/out perscription. If I were to get pulled over with a bottle of juice they might let me go, but if I had darts then i'd be in trouble. I never carry them in my car..ever!

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    If you order from sponsor you will have a scrip so the legal issue is not a problem...
    They are good. Pricey, but good. You just have to qualify for the scrip!

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