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Thread: Hcg?

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    This is what my cycle looks like i am currently on wk 13. it is my 4th cycle.

    wk 1-21 test 250 1000mg/w

    I need alittle help on the HCG i have 10000 iu's this is how i was going to run it.

    wk 15-17 1500 iu/w 750m/750t
    wk 18-21 1000 iu/w 500m/500t

    I'm wondering if i should taper down to 750 iu/w at the end?

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    i dont think you need the hcg but if you wont to run it, do week 6 and 12

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    There seems to be two schools of thought... "old school" hcg treatment is three shots of 5000 iu each, spaced 5 days apart. This is done at the end of the cycle, and alternately, also midway or a bit later in the cycle if needed. The other way is to use twice weekly applications of a much lower dose that does not desensitize the testicles... on the order of 1000iu per week or even as little as 500 iu per week. Such a small amount is best administered by diluting in B12 or similar substance so you get a more reasonable amount to measure and inject... say .5cc per shot. You do the math. The first method corrects the problem. The second, seeks to prevent it. There are pros and cons to either, of course, and the jury is still out on how much the nads can tolerate before they "down-regulate" the effect of the hcg so that endogenous production is no longer sufficient for normal function, and on how much is needed to either restore full function or to prevent significant loss. Smaller doses seem to be gaining in popularity, even with the old school, E5D treatment.

    What you have planned will probably be moderately effective. Let us know how it works out, and what you end up using for dosing/scheduling.

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