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    In about 2 weeks my susta 250mg/ml will be done. Should I buy more susta and stack it with deca . Or stop using deca and instead use Test e and deca for the rest of my cycle? What is the best choice?

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    So how long have you been doing the sust? are you doing Deca as well know ? if so what does ? and what have your gains been so far ?. From what I read here you have no idea what your doing, so get back to us so we can sort this out for you.

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    You should ALWAYS, no matter how accessible or dependable your source or sources are, have everything on hand, including pct, rigs, anti-e, EVERYTHING, before beginning your cycle. You should also put more info into your topic... "please help" or "question" etc do not draw the eye, and many people won't even bother to read it, let alone reply.

    Most people will agree that a straight test is better than a blend like sust. Also remember to stop your deca a week or two before stopping your test. A beginner should probably not run a cycle for longer than 12 weeks or so. Tell us about your cycle, your experience, your age, etc and someone can better understand your situation and needs, and give maybe a more precise and useful answer.

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