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    Dont know much, need some help

    Ive been lifting for about 2 and a half years, im 5' 7" about 170 pounds, i can bench 175 20 times and i max out at 275, push press 200 9 times, power clean 225 3 times, and squat 405 once
    I feel like im peaking out where i am, it might be due to my diet (im terrible with diets), but i work extremely hard other than that. One of my friends who was weaker than me last fall started taking steroids , and has surpassed my strength and 2 years of work by taking steroids and about 3 months of work. He wasnt completely new to lifting but did not work as hard as me and now steroids have given him a huge advantage.i have been lifting so far with not many supplements other than protein. I have never taken creatine, I mostly just take GNC whey protein and Animal Pak. I was wondering if you think I should start taking steroids or keep on working normally and if so, what do you think is the best cycle, how long should I take steroids. I also would like to take steroids because of my small size, i want to get bigger than the other people i hang around with.

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    ok your a big DUMMY... no just joking...

    dude, take creatine or better yet a creatine/NO blend there is 10 pounds of weight and a good burst of strength right there... I didnt use any juice until I tried every thing Diet, weights, protien, gainers...ect

    now here is another problem... you can lift 200 20 times and 275 once??? whats that all about, you might need a training overhaul ( I suggest 4 rep sets of extreme weight and get a spotter to help you do negatives... also get a spotter or two and get under 315 pounds a few times just to get the mental part out of the way and work a few negatives... then pick up that 275 and see if it seems lighter...

    I suck at a good diet, but I have plenty of money so I can affort to drink 6-8 50 gram pre canned protien drinks a day, I eat a few bannanas in the morning, perhaps some oatmeal, in the evening I eat chicken breast and taters, and canned tuna with rice or pasta at lunch... and I eat at least one serving of a good green veggie each day... not great but you wont catch me eating a ****ing hot dog or a bowl of captn crunch... EAT YOU LIL BASTARD EAT UNTIL IT HURTS, AND ONLY EAT GOOD STUFF...

    ok now juice... yeah if you wanna go that route then get a bottle of testosterone cypianate or enanthate ( well a few 10cc bottles ) and 30 days worth of clomid @100mg per day, and nolvadex @20mg per day for after the cycle ... as far as the test dose... well you could front load like all these new kids do ( I am gonna try it ) but I always started low worked up to say 600mg a week at week 8 and back down to 200 mg for week 16... I am sure either way is fine, but dont bother if you arent going to spend 5 days a week in the gym and eat at least 300 grams of good protien a day...

    also here is my secret tip... I almost never use any suppliments during a cycle except protien powders and amino acids.... but 2 weeks after I am off cycle I get on creatine, no, dhea and whatever else is hot on the market, and sometimes I dont even loose a single pound... with PCT it really works for me...

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    Competing = Yes
    Not Competing = No

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