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    I need to run but am in the middle of cycle!

    I am starting to train for a kickboxing match so monday I need to start running to built up cardio indurance. I am on week 6 of 10 of a test e and deca cycle. I think I should coutinue the cycle what does everyone else think?

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    Hey bro, I compete in the Ulitmate Fighting and you cycle will not affect you at all. In fact when I'm getting ready for a fight say two to three weeks before the fight I load up on Stenox and Suspension And if you get drug tested these are pretty quick acting and get out quickly has not failed me yet. Do you have a chance of being tested? If so you may be in trouble

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    hell yeah bump up the test a tad, I boxed in the army and in korea I coud get test c and methyl test tabs... I took a few tabs before the fight ( or immediatley before a work out ) and stayed on the test c... the slightly painful pumps in my calves from road work sucked, but by the time I got in the ring, hell all I had to do is let them insult me, try to stare me down, or just hit me in the nose one good time and I was ready to ****ing explode...

    Of course having an unfair advantage was wrong, but I finished 12 and 0 with 9 KO... thats pretty good when the other guy is wearing head gear...

    if you stop the cycle, you will feel a loss of agression no matter what PCT you take...

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    lol im not telling :D
    LoL unless your running 6+miles a'day you will be fine... even if you alternate between LD runing and Sprints just up your diet according to calories consumed by activites..

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